Getting Started

Getting Started with the LEED Dynamic Plaque

The LEED® Dynamic Plaque™ is a building performance monitoring and scoring platform, providing annual LEED recertification and global benchmarking. The plaque displays the LEED performance score, which reflects the measured performance of the building across five categories: energy, water, waste, transportation and human experience. The performance score corresponds with the globally recognized LEED certification levels (40-49 = Certified, 50-59 = Silver, 60-79 = Gold, 80+ = Platinum).

The LEED Dynamic Plaque makes the invisible actionable and offers a means for interaction with the building on multiple levels: visitors can "see" performance, occupants can provide feedback on their experience, and owners and building managers can view trends to make informed decisions to optimize the building, benefitting people, planet and profit.

1. Subscribe to the LEED Dynamic Plaque software.

Start a free one month software trial or purchase a software subscription outright: our registration process will walk you through signing the program agreement, the option to purchase the LEED Dynamic Plaque display unit, and submitting payment (note that LEED Dynamic Plaque fees are based on an annual subscription).

The software subscription includes access to the web-based platform for inputting building performance data, accessing customer service support and achieving LEED certification or recertification. The display unit is an optional but highly recommended purchase, as it showcases your commitment to building performance.

2. Set up your project in the software platform and (optional) install your display unit.

You’ll set up and manage your project within the flexible software platform, using one of our many data input options. To begin, you’ll need to confirm basic information about your project (LEED Online project ID, address, year built, operating hours, occupancy, and gross floor area). Next, you’ll upload historic performance data: 12 months of energy and water use data via our Excel template, or by sharing your project’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager account.

Next, you’ll select how to add ongoing data for energy, water, waste, C02, and total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs) (i.e., building automation system, sharing Energy Star Portfolio Manager account, Excel template upload, or manually entering data). This will enable the platform to generate your performance score on an ongoing basis as data is entered.

Finally, if you’ve elected to install the LEED Dynamic Plaque in your building, you’ll need to select a location to install the physical plaque and confirm data and power access.

3. Track and manage performance.

Inputting building data into your LEED Dynamic Plaque enables updates to your LEED Performance Score on an ongoing basis. Within the one-year performance period required to earn recertification, the minimum data requirements are:

  • Energy: 12 consecutive months
  • Water: 12 consecutive month
  • Waste: Provide at least one compliant set of readings for total weight of waste generated and diverted from landfill
  • Transportation: Administer at least one survey to building occupants, provided within the LEED Dynamic Plaque
    • Administer at least one survey to building occupants, provided within the LEED Dynamic Plaque
    • Administer At least one compliant set of readings for interior C02 and VOC concentration

4. Review

To prepare for your LEED recertification, you’ll need to discuss data inputs with GBCI and provide documentation:

  • Energy: Utility bills
  • Water: Utility bills
  • Waste: Hauler reports, audit reports
  • Human experience: Sensor readings, audit reports

5. Achieve LEED recertification.

Receive an updated LEED certification every 12 months. based on your performance tracked with the plaque. Your certification information will appear on your project’s certification timeline in your dashboard, as well as within the USGBC project directory – a public acknowledgement of your commitment to ongoing building performance and LEED certification. Congratulations!

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